Windows 10 only (x86 and x64).
Free, but no longer available for download.
Current Version: 1.8
Channels last checked and updated: Sat 08 Sep 2018.
Define then play your own collections of free IPTV channels including live video, live radio, long clips, YouTube & Vimeo clips, podcasts, webcams and karaoke.
An example collection is loaded at startup. Some channels won't play ? Update to the latest channels list using Settings | Reset

The app is essentially a specialized, highly configurable 'web browser' supporting a range of media types including HLS (.m3u8).
Two types of Channel are supported - streaming and video.
Streaming Channels and all Channel logos are accessed from free Internet web sites ('the cloud') at run-time and always streamed, never downloaded.
Video Channels are accessed from YouTube/Vimeo at run-time as 'embedded' videos and played using their respective native embedded players.

Finding Free Streaming Channels To Play
In IPTVCollection a streaming Channel is simply a URL address (http or https) of an audio or video source. You'll need to search the Internet to find new streaming Channels (URL addresses). Not every streaming Channel you find will play - many addresses are 'debris' .. old and invalid.

A useful starting points for finding streaming Channels is:

When searching the Internet for streaming Channels, it's recommended that a browser with a free Ad blocker installed is used (e.g. Google Chrome with Adblock Plus). Always have good Antivirus software installed on your machine (e.g. AVG Anti Virus Free Edition). Ignore all popups, disregard whatever they claim, NEVER click on any popup.
If using the Microsoft Edge browser the following can be used to clear all browsing tabs and any lingering popups:
1) Close Microsoft Edge
2) Navigate to and delete everything in directory
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_<mixed letters and characters>\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\Recovery\Active
If you can't see directory C:\Users\<username>\AppData, in File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer) do the following
View | Options | Change folder and search options | View | Show hidden files, folders and drives | Apply
3) Open Microsoft Edge

Finding Free Video Channels To Play
YouTube (www.youtube.com) and Vimeo (www.vimeo.com) videos which permit free embedding/sharing can be used as Channels - if a video can be embedded in a web page then viewed using a 'traditional' web browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox) then it can be used as an IPTVCollection Channel.
Both YouTube and Vimeo websites provide search engines for the videos they host, the id of a found video must be used to form an IPTVCollection Channel address as follows:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/<VIDEO_ID>
Vimeo: https://player.vimeo.com/video/<Video Id>

A YouTube/Vimeo user can deny embedding of any videos they upload.

Using A New Channel
Once you've found a new Channel (either streaming URL address or YouTube/Vimeo video) you can:
a) View it immediately by copying the Channel address into the AddressBar then selecting 'Action (Ctrl+O)'
b) Add it to the displayed list of Channels (the current 'Collection') then save the list to your PC as a .m3u file using 'Edit Channels (Ctrl+E)'
You can choose to use this saved .m3u file when the app starts by changing 'Settings | Start'

A Collection - The IPTVCollection .m3u File
A collection is simply a correctly formatted list of streaming and/or video channels in an .m3u file.
All Channels in an IPTVCollection .m3u file must be specified using an '#EXTINF' definition containing a Channel name and an associated Channel URL address (http or https).

#EXTINF:-1,My channel 0

#EXTINF:-1,My channel 1

#EXTINF:-1,My channel 2

#EXTINF:-1,My channel 3

#EXTINF:-1,My channel 4

Using 'http:' or 'https:' as part of a Channel name isn't supported.

By changing 'Settings | Start' either a URL (http/https) or File .m3u can be used when the app starts.
A URL (http/https) .m3u can also be specified directly in the AddressBar.

pastebin.com, one of the first free 'Cloud Storage' services, allows users to store and share any plain text on the Internet.
Any existing 'raw' file hosted on pastebin.com can also be tried as an .m3u (no pastebin files will have an .m3u extension and only those IPTV related will be compatible) - either directly in the AddressBar or using 'Settings | Start | Url'
Searching for 'm3u8' on pastebin.com is a good starting point for finding .m3u compatible 'raw' files.


Supported Streaming Channel Types

If an unsupported streaming Channel type is used an attempt is still made to play it.
.ts Channels may i) stream correctly ii) stream for a short time (e.g. 20 seconds) or iii) fail to stream depending upon how the Channel media has been encoded. Type ii) will enter a 'Paused' state after their short stream - pressing 'Play' will show "Error: Video could not be decoded", pressing 'Play' again will force the play. Type ii) streams aren't really designed to be played directly as they are normally generated in real-time by a streaming server (a stream segmenter), each one representing only a small part of an .m3u8

#EXTINF:-1,YYY (21)
#EXTINF:-1,YYY2 (21)
#EXTINF:-1,YYY3 (21)
#EXTINF:-1,YYY4 (21)

Supported Video Channel Types
https://player.vimeo.com/video/<Video Id>

#EXTINF:-1,Gamble Win Jedi

#EXTINF:-1,Gulliver's Samba

Channel Logos
A logo graphic is used for each Channel if Settings | Logos is "On", the graphic is defined by the optional 'tvg-logo' attribute in the Channel definition. Only URL (http and https) tvg-logo paths to .jpg and .png images are supported; a default graphic is displayed for invalid or unusable URLs and when 'tvg-logo' is omitted.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e5/NASA_logo.svg/290px-NASA_logo.svg.png",NASA TV


#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo="http://www.centrresheniy.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Sergey-Gudkov-psihoterapevt-na-radio-Mayak-Omsk.jpg",Radio Mayak

If a URL image doesn't display in the App but does in a web browser check that the image still displays in the browser when adding a 'dummy parameter' to the end of its URL (e.g. http://www.kyidaimages.com/logo.png?r=123).

Group display is used if Settings | Groups is "On", a Channel's group is defined by the optional 'group-title' attribute in its Channel definition. The first, third and fifth groups are shown with the colour selected as Settings | First; the second, fourth and sixth with the colour selected as Settings | Second. Groups can be ordered alphabetically using the 'Sort On group-title (Ctrl+S)' AppBar icon.

iTunes Podcast Search
If 'Podcast' is selected from the dropdown 'Combo box', the contents of the AddressBar are used as search terms for a free anonymous podcast search of Apple iTunes. iTunes occasionally rejects search attempts for various reasons including throttle limits - if this happens simply try again.

Performing a 'fitness' search for iTunes podcasts whilst watching TWiT

Results are displayed in a non editable textbox. The textbox allows scrolling but normally this isn't recommended as the often huge number of results means very slow movement.

iTunes podcast results, processed and ready for use

Select 'Use' to immediately use the results as a new collection allowing instant selection and playback - no subscriptions, no downloads. On very rare occasions Apple's results will contains errors (e.g. 'http:://') which will cause the channel load parser to fail, for such cases use 'Save As...' to save the results to a .m3u file then edit and correct outside the app (in Notepad++ or similar). The number of results displayed can be changed using 'Settings | Max Channels'

Results loaded into a collection via 'Use'

Selecting and playing a podcast channel

Bing .mp4 Search
If '.mp4' is selected from the dropdown 'Combo box', the contents of the AddressBar are used as search terms for a free anonymous .mp4 video search of Microsoft Bing - the first 50 relevant web pages found by Bing are processed and just the .mp4 links in the pages are extracted and presented for use.
The first stage of use is 'auto checking' which discards unusable .mp4 urls - the web contains huge numbers of 'debris' (old and invalid) .mp4 links.
Microsoft can throttle and adjust the free Bing service results at any time.
No history, logging, caching or recording of any search is performed, the last text entered in the AddressBar is however always retained between runs as an app Setting.
Using very specific searches work best (e.g 'lamborghini countach' rather than 'cars').

Bing .mp4 'lamborghini countach' results, processed and ready for use. Select 'Use' to auto-check and use the links

Start of a 30+ year old Lamborghini Video

70 year old Ferruccio Lamborghini himself driving a Countach

The legendary red Countach, 1980s style

The 1985 flamboyant Italian Lambo Marketing Director

Interviewer: "Typical Lamborghini purchaser ?"
Lambo Marketing Director: "Very large ego .. it's like to go out with a beautiful woman ..
white car is like a beautiful virgin,
red like a mature woman,
black one like an intriguing woman
cannot go with children, must have only a beautiful woman, and that's it"

Desktop Mode - Mouse And Keyboard Input
Being a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, IPTVCollection automatically supports both 'mouse oriented' desktop and 'touch oriented' tablet modes depending upon the device on which it's installed.

In desktop mode the app also supports navigation using keyboard Tab and arrow keys (useful for selecting a channel) and interface element activation using Enter and spacebar (useful for playing a channel).

All AppBarButtons have an associated keyboard shortcut which is displayed when hovering over:
Action (Ctrl+O)
Cancel (Ctrl+N)
Toggle Channels Display (Ctrl+T)
Open Channels File (Ctrl+F)
Sort On group-title (Ctrl+S)
Edit Channels (Ctrl+E)

The escape key can be used to 'Exit Full Screen' when playing a channel.

Channel Playing 'In The Background' ?
The app will continue playing streaming content until play is paused or stopped, even if the app is minimized to the toolbar (the app plays all streaming content 'in the background').
To quickly pause play when minimized, hover over the IPTVCollection toolbar icon then click the small 'Pause' button.

If the app is closed any playing content is immediately stopped.
Youtube & Vimeo videos are auto paused if the app is minimized.

How To Change The Auto Start URL Or File ?
Settings | Start
Edit as required.

Channels Stopped Working ?
Settings | Reset
Free web based channels often change location and/or availability. Selecting Settings | Reset will update the app with an example start collection of recently checked known working channels.

Support & Feedback